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Contact Information

:arrow: General club enquiries: email: info@ffoc.co.uk

:arrow:  Club & advertising queries: email: info@ffoc.co.uk

:arrow: FFOC E-shop queries: email: eshop@ffoc.co.uk or info@ffoc.co.uk

The club telephone number is: 07468 262624 if not answered then please leave a message and contact number for us to get back to you.

General Information

The FFOC was formed in June 2001 by Robert Lilley, himself a Ford Focus owner. With no owners club linked with the Ford Focus, Rob set to planning a club that would bring owners together, to share the same enjoyment that he himself had with his car.

The club, on paper, started life under various names but the one that stuck and was easy to remember happened to be the most favourite, Ford Focus Owners Club, to which was abbreviated to FFOC.
When all was finished on paper, the time came to bring it to the Internet. The very first FFOC site was packed with information although it was designed through Microsoft FrontPage and basic HTML web pages which made it a very static website, very hard to update.

It was at this point that Lee Surrey and Andy Tietjen, themselves Focus owners, joined forces with Rob to take the club into it's next evolution. Soon, there was to be discounts and technical help of which became the baseline the club worked from. Again, due to the increase in popularity, changes were made to decrease workloads. Craig Cartwright joined the team and produced FFOC II, the club's second and current website. Also on board came a nucleus of existing members to provide the club with the attention to specific roles - 'staff' members. It is at this stage where we enter the next stage of the club's evolution in 2003.

The parent company was formed in 2001 in order to provide an online format for joining the club but most importantly giving the club a legal standing with regards to its income.
Rob was unfortunately made redundant mid 2003 and couldn't spend as much time on the club he formed, so offered the position of Chairman of the club to Lee Surrey, who accepted the role graciously. Lee set to work on binding the 'staff' members together and to create a decision making team, The Senior Management Team, the “SMT” as it is commonly known.

During the later part of 2003 the SMT worked on improving a very basic members pack which was already 2 years old, a differing format for Focus Torque (the FFOC newsletter) and also deciding to change the design and format of the club website and forum.

The club is continually improving but still requires its members to play an active role. From product reviews to write up and shows, the SMT will be pleased to hear from you.

Who runs the club?

With the creation of the Senior Management team (SMT), we would like to provide you with an insight into ‘Who runs the club’ and what areas of the FFOC is their direct involvement.

Real name: Olu Obasa
Forum name: Obasa
Duties: FFOC Director. Club decision-maker. General running/operation of the FFOC Ltd/Club.  Official complaints department.Control of the FFOC general enquiry office. Oversee enquiries in conjunction with membership queries. Manage and create FFOC sponsorship agreements and other contracts. Manage the FFOC E-shop, products and items from suppliers. Seek out new FFOC merchandise and items.

Real name: Terry Evans
Forum name: Tezza
Duties: FFOC Parts Guru & parts reviews, decision maker, resolving daily queries and involved in the running of the club. Assists with forum moderating.

Real name: Mike
Forum name: Mike11
Duties: FFOC Facebook Guru, decision maker, resolving daily queries and involved in the running of the club.

Real name: Kevin Davies
Forum name: Kevin Davies
Duties: Head of Events, Decision maker, resolving daily queries and involved in the running of the club. Managing, preparing, organising and coordinator of club car shows.

Real name: Steve
Forum name: Steve
Duties: Regional Manager. Overseeing the activity of the region and their Regional Coordinators. Forum moderator, decision maker, resolving daily queries and involved in the running of the club.

Please remember that the people listed above all have full-time jobs and give their time freely to help the FFOC, so please do not misuse this option. We will try to respond to all queries as quickly as possible.

Who updates the forum/site?

The FFOC SMT Team are responsible for the update of the entire site. Submissions made by members will go to the SMT Team for approval before they are shown on the site.

The FFOC SMT Team are: Obasa, Mike11, Kevin Davies, Tezza and Steve.

These guys are responsible for the development of new tools and features for the forum and site. Forum and site maintenance and administration tasks keep them very busy on a daily basis.

How often is the site updated?

The forum/site is updated as regularly as possible. The SMT team will be creating new features for the forum/site throughout 2018 & 2019, so be sure to keep an eye out for some interesting developments!

Can members submit content?

Yes, this is welcomed! All submissions will be approved and checked for suitability, grammar and
 spelling before being added to the site.

To submit a story to be inserted in New/Events simply submit with the title News/Events to info@ffoc.co.uk