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What are FFOC Regional Coordinators & what do they do?

FFOC Coordinators are members that arrange local meets and events for members in their immediate area.

A Coordinator is responsible for organising & informing people about organised local meetings and convoys from their area to National events and shows.

To become an FFOC Coordinator you should check to see if a position is available and send an e-mail to our team and let us know the position you would like and tell us a little about yourself. Such as, why you want the role and why you would make a good Coordinator.

If it appears that there is no vacancy for your area but you would still like to become a Coordinator then please do send us an e-mail and if the position becomes available you will be contacted.

We encourage members to contact us confidentially to inform us how well their Coordinator is performing their role. Positive and negative feedback is welcomed, as it will aid us into creating a better club!
Any queries should be directed to

General Regional Coordinator's Duties:

Organise monthly meets for your region.
Answer questions from members in your area.
Resolve any problems or queries your members have.
Moderate their section of the forum
Promote the club.

Organise Monthly Meets:
Each regional coordinator will be expected to organise a monthly meet for the members in their region. The time, date and location of these meets is at the discretion of the regional coordinator. However the following considerations should be considered when making decisions about meeting points etc. An easy to find location that has plenty of room, at a time that allows the majority of your members to attend is obviously the ideal aim. Depending on location it maybe necessary to check with the owner/proprietor of the meeting point and gain there permission for the meeting first. The dates, times and locations of monthly meets should be posted in the relevant section of the club forum for members to view. This information should be posted as early as possible so that members have plenty of warning of when the event is. The regional coordinator will be expected to attend as many local meets as possible as well as attending at least some of the club events through out the year.

Answer questions from members in your area:
Members will have questions for their regional coordinator at some point or another, therefore the regional coordinator should make a conceded effort to keep themselves informed of club activities, events and news. A main aim for 2006 is to dramatically improve the communications between the Senior Management Team (SMT) and Regional Coordinators, hence the introduction of the Regional Managers who should be your first port of call.

Any problems or concerns that a member may have should be forwarded to their relevant regional coordinator. From this point the regional coordinator should endeavour to find out what the cause of the problem is and resolve it accordingly. If the regional coordinator is unable to resolve the matter, they should seek the advice of a Regional Manager who may consult the SMT to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion. Should the problem be serious or beyond the capabilities of the regional coordinator/Manager the matter will be passed to the SMT to deal with directly. Should a member have an issue with their regional coordinator, they should contact the Regional Manager directly who in turn may approach the SMT for advice. From this point onward the SMT will deal with the issue. Additional note: if the regional coordinator has ideas for the club or region, these ideas should be passed on to a Regional Manager before they are implemented.

Each regional coordinator will be given moderating privileges to their relevant section on the forum. This section MUST be moderated in accordance with the ffoc forum code of conduct. Use and moderating rights of the ffoc forum are a privilege not a right and therefore should be treated as such. Abuse of these privileges will lead to that member’s regional coordinator's status being revoked.

Joint Regional Coordinators:
In some instances there will be more than one regional coordinator per area. In this instance, all decisions pertaining to the ffoc region should be made jointly as a team. No one person out of the joint regional coordinators should take action without first consulting the other joint coordinator. Regional coordinators should consider themselves a team. To improve communications further it may be useful to set up a shared email address for use by the joint coordinators.